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Transforming data into dynamic communication

Better together, Nucleus Global is a group of 14 organically-grown agencies with a singular core mission. Spanning over a dozen global locations across the EU, US, and APAC, we supply complete in-house consulting and communications services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

We're happy to say we've been a part of the launch of medicines for dozens of diseases and conditions. Our reputation for being science-based, credible, and reliable is why the vast majority of pharmaceutical brands choose to work with us for the long term. Explore our array of capabilities.

Strategic planning and support

We develop insight-driven communications strategies that translate into results-driven plans of action.

Publications planning and execution

Accurate, transparent, and compliant editorial support services that focus on first submission acceptance from leading journals.

External expert engagement

We identify, map, engage and develop the relationships brands need using best practices to collaborate better with the leading voices in healthcare.

Scientific event management

From intimate advisory boards to international symposia, virtual to in-person, we help brands bring people together in new and better ways.

Medical education and marketing support

Turning data and research into engaging, creative content, we bring information to life in print, digital and virtual media.

Patient engagement

Connecting brands to patients in every stage of a product's lifecycle, with clear, creative, and accessible communications.

Internal communications and training

Great communication begins from the inside out, so we help brands achieve internal alignment and collaboration through training and communications programs.

Creative design

Leading-edge technology paired with laser-sharp creativity and strikingly memorable visuals usher in new possibilities for data-driven communications.


At the intersection of leading-edge technology and scientific know-how, we create solutions for today's modern audience, from experts to patients.

Clinical trial support

Infusing seamless strategies for better outcomes, we help brands move from recruitment to results with a streamlined, deliberate approach to clinical trials.

Value communications

We provide strategic planning and tactical communications support for HEOR, market access, patient advocacy, pricing and reimbursement, and epidemiology programmes

Continuing medical education

We deliver independent Continuing Medical Education from functionally separated companies within Nucleus Global. Our faculty-driven programmes combine adult-learning principles, state-of-the-art technology and highly scientific content to engage and change physician behaviour in the clinic
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